I need expertise… and I need it NOW!

I need expertise… and I need it NOW!

I have a deadline and I need some help with a topic related to my work. I have no idea who can help me in the company. The only thing I do know is the kind of expertise I am looking for. I Googled but that did not yield anything useful. I am aware I work for a great company stuffed with talents. I surfed some internal blogs on our intranet and learned a lot, but it did not yield anything. And my deadline has not stop approaching.

Now imagine that the help I require is delivered within minutes following a 2 step process that I can initiate in the next 30".

Step 1: I click a ‘Help’ button on our company’s intranet


I now have a 96% chance that an expert in the company will accept my request and will get in touch with me in the following minutes. I will therefore be able to finish my work in time. And guess what, if ever my expertise is required, I will not hesitate a second to collaborate using this new way of working.

I will now be able to finish my work in time

Is it really that easy? Yes it is

It must be very expensive? No, it is not. Really

How long does it take to implement for 1000 users? 1 or 2 days

Will the users need training? No. They will not

Do I need infrastructure? No, it is cloud based

Can it be integrated into our intranet? Yes, including SSO

What is the ROI of such a platform? Read about it in this article

How can I be sure the employees will use it? We help you with a proven communication and on-boarding strategy. And the company can rationalise the number of social platforms. Read about it in this article.

Can I have a demo? Yes, please contact us.

Can I speak to customers? Yes, please contact us.