Promote innovation (rather than having to acquire it)

Promote innovation (rather than having to acquire it)

Large companies barely innovate anymore. When they do, it is mainly by acquiring small, innovative companies.

Why is it that small companies succeed at this where larger companies mostly fail?

Silo’s are definitely part of the problem. But how can one tear them down? How can one overcome functional and geographic departmentalization? Ideas can come from everything and everybody. But where are those people that should be brought together to work on an idea in large companies? They could be anywhere, from the floor above you to a continent at the other side of the earth.

The answer starts with the creation of a collaborative environment where skills, competencies and experiences can be found and shared. Anyone can have a question or a good idea. But in a collaborative environment, those ideas have the opportunity to become bigger and better, more robust and detailed.

Imagine your company would promote a platform allowing ideas to be worked on directly, using the many skills and expertises available within the company. Describe your idea, seek advice, and let the experts weigh in.

Would you like to know how the benefits of such a platform and how it could be deployed in your company? contact us.

  1. talent and knowledge sharing platforms have qualitative benefits
  2. talent and knowledge sharing platforms have quantitative benefits
  3. how high is the adoption and success rate on this kind of platform?
  4. what are the most wanted skills and the most indicated skills?
  5. how can companies limit the number of social platforms?
  6. real life examples of talent and knowledge sharing demand and supply
  7. real life challenges of introducing this kind of platform