Reinforce employee effectiveness (and send frustration to oblivion)

Reinforce employee effectiveness (and send frustration to oblivion)

What does “increased employee productivity and efficient work” mean? After all, aren’t you hired for your skills, competencies and experience? So, why wouldn't you be efficient at what you do?

Well, …, in your daily work you are often confronted with questions that could probably be answered immediately by subject experts but which take hours to solve by yourself. You might also greatly benefit from a micro training given by an expert on a specific subject exactly when you need it. Or you might like a second opinion on what you are about to publish on the company intranet. Or you just want to stop puzzling about where you are going to take your visiting colleagues out tonight.

Imagine you would Google any kind of business question and the answer would come back within a couple of minutes. Not a myriad of answers, but a single, comprehensive answer from a colleague who knows the lingo, the business challenges and the specific circumstances you are facing. On top of this you are totally confident that the given answer is correct and to the point. Nobody is trying to fool you, spam you or bring you to his web-shop.

You would have the expertise of your colleagues right at your fingertips! With such a platform, you can find and enlist the many talents available in your company to assist in the realization of your projects.

Wouldn't that make a huge difference?

Employees are encouraged to work on things in which they have expertise knowing that any missing skill is found in seconds and help or training arrives in minutes.

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