Shaping the future of collaboration

Shaping the future of collaboration

Encourage knowledge sharing and discover the potential of your employees.

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We live surrounded by social media, crowd sourcing and sharing.

So why is it still so hard to find, share and learn skills when you need to solve a business problem in your own company?

Imagine you are an employee or partner. You have a business question but do not know who to ask for help.

Imagine you could type your question in a familiar, specialized app for knowledge and skills sharing deployed inside your company. Experience shows there is a 96% chance you get your answer or are offered help within minutes.

As an employee or partner, you would save time and gain skills. As a company, you improve efficiency, empower your employees and save money.

Would you like to know how this works and how companies deploy it?

Or would you like to know how the SkillDeal platform compares to alternatives?

Yet again, the options in this section will give no info to the application admin on the required skills and their availability, the unanswered requests and the geography of talents.