Direct access to company experts

Simplify collaboration and troubleshooting.

Easy access

SkillDeal is a SaaS (Software as a Service) application. There is nothing to install on your side. Your users have fast, secure access to their profiles and can be ready to go within minutes.

A SSO (single sign-on) connection is also available so you can avoid having to remember additional logins and passwords.

SkillDeal is a SaaS application

Manage your profile

Users can easily select and add the skills they’d like to share with their colleagues. They also start off with a set number of minutes in their account, so they can start posting and/or responding to requests right away.

Highlight your talents with SkillDeal

Create a deal

When a user needs help, he creates a request.
He selects the talent needed for the task, describes the request, bids a number of minutes, and specifies the date by when the problem must be resolved.

When a user needs help, he creates a request.

Notify experts

SkillDeal then sends an email notification to those people who meet the talent requirements. No more wasting time on finding experts - SkillDeal takes care of all that for you. The selected experts are notified almost instantly when a deal is posted.

Notify experts

View and accept a deal

Experts have access to the description of David's request. They can ask questions or submit a counter-proposal to suggest a different budget or delivery date. All of these actions are available in the Dealbox.

Barbara is interested and accepts David's deal.

When the project is completed, she is credited with the agreed upon minutes that were offered in the bid.

Evaluating a deal

At the end of the process, David has the opportunity to provide a review of the work performed by Barbara.

This feedback is very important:

The person who posted the deal gives feedback on the quality of service and thanks the expert.

The expert receives the positive feedback, which will encourage her to share her skills again.

Employees evaluates the talent of the expert