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Anne Coucke, bnp employee testifies

Anne Coucke – Engineering CRM & Channels for Enterprise

To summarize my experience with the solution, I would say: simple, nice design, and effective.

It is very easy to document your own talent profile.

As soon as we are active, it is very simple, as well: we create the request in a jiffy and experts are notified simultaneously.

When someone needs your skills, your are notified.

Besides close colleagues, we do not usually know the skills of the other employees. With SkillDeal, you do not need complicated and time consuming introductions. People define their needs and only people willing to help will reply, so the collaboration process is simplified. Without hesitation or shyness, you can ask for help from people you don’t know.

The interface is user friendly and functional; the design and colors are great.

In short, everything is simple, fast, and efficient.


Simon Gilliaux, bnp employee testifies

Simon Gilliaux – Marketing Analytic & Research

I am always ready to help my colleagues when I know I can bring them something valuable. Furthermore, FRom my standpoint, an organization that works well is first a place where everyone helps each other with their own skillset.

I love using SkillDeal because the solution is an amplification of this mindset. I can help colleagues with whom I had no contact before but need someone with my skills.

Ultimately, SkillDeal gives me more visibility as an expert within the company.


Gérald Deffet, bnp employee testifies

Gérald Deffet – Business Continuity Security & Facility

I participated in the pilot phase of SkillDeal in my business. I was asked to create deals for testing the tool!

I created real deals, not dummy deals.

I was first amazed at how easy it was to get started and generate the first request, then I was very impressed by the speed at which my deals were accepted or commented on by my colleagues.

In both cases, SkillDeal broughtme satisfaction and I have been able to close my deals quickly after receiving a solution corresponding perfectly to my question.

My advice? Try SkillDeal and you will be satisfied.